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Go Green Cleaners with GreenEarth®

Our commitment to the environment means you get a better dry cleaning experience.

Go Green Cleaners, your green dry cleaners & laundry in the Tri-State area, features an innovative cleaning solution that’s better for the environment than traditional dry cleaning methods. Plus, our advanced process contains no perchloroethylene, which means it is as gentle to the touch as it is to your nose.

GreenEarth’s silicon-based dry cleaning is nearly identical to perchloroethylene in dry cleaning performance without being toxic on people and the environment… which is exactly why we chose them to provide eco-friendly dry cleaning.

We are the only green dry cleaner in the area to use odorless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly GreenEarth® solution to give your clothes a nicer appearance and softer feel.

Colors remain bright and intact. Fancy buttons and trim on all your special items clean beautifully and all of your clothes will smell fresh and look brilliant, we guarantee it! You will never have a chemical odor in your clothing. Rest assured, you have our commitment to do what is right for you and our community.

GreenEarth® Cleaning Logo

“Perc’s impact on the environment and on humans (it’s a suspected carcinogen at very high doses), as well as its odor, have given rise to three eco-friendly alternatives. The most popular of them, recommended by several experts we spoke to...is a silicone-based solvent called GreenEarth.”